My purpose-built clinic is well equiped with modern surgical, anesthetic, radiography, laboratory, diagnostic, dental and hospitalisation facilities to meet the needs of your animals; be they feathered, furred, hoofed, young, old, grumpy or docile – if they graze, are caged, live in tanks or are free to come and go!


I cover a wide range of Dental proceedures, including Oral & Facial Surgery; Periodontal Surgery; Endotontics; Occlusal Evaluation & Genetic Councelling; Orthodontics; Restoration; Chronic Feline Gingivostomatitis; Maintenance & Preventative Care, and of course; routine scale & polish.
I also accepts referrals from other clinics.

John Alexander

…to have a healthy body, we all need healthy teeth… We all need healthy teeth to have a healthy body…